Google Page Rank Update List

Somehow, I could able to get Google Page Rank Update , even-though it might be a approx value but could be used as reference. We blogger eagerly waits for Google’s page rank updates expecting its fruit for all the hard work he/she had done all day and night. But at last some goes with happy face and some expecting better luck next time. Other bloggers take it as a Result Time while some of doesn’t pay too much attention. 

New Google Page Rank Update List

Google Page Rank Update

Even though with a new Google Panda update some webmaster says it does not have much importance like before but it’s better to get a Page rank for your sites (There’s no harm in it!). For Better SEO blogging platform you can use WordPress and improve your Google Page Rank.

The 1st Google Page rank update happened in 6th February.

Google Page rank update:-

 1stGoogle Page Rank update6th February 2012 (Done)
2ndGoogle Page Rank update28thJune to 7thJuly 2012
3rdGoogle Page Rank update27thSeptember to 8thOctober 2012
4thGoogle Page Rank update29thDecember to 7thJanuary 2012

Fellow Bloggers “Don’t Work for Pagerank only, instead you should work for its Quality” and surely on next page rank update you could get a chance to see A Green Bar. As we can now guess the next Google Page Rank Update, it’s better to set a goal for Next Google Page Rank Update (Mine is 3/10) and whats yours ?

The complete new Google panda update list 2016.

The new Google algorithm for seo 2016 2017 are coming soon….

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